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Casey Report: It’s 2016, not 2001.

Not everyone gets excited when an Integration and Cohesion Report lands on their desk but I read Louise Casey’s report minutes after its official release. To be honest I am a self-confessed community cohesion junkie having previously worked for the Government to advise them on these issues and to set up practical projects to promote integration and combat hate crime and extremist organisations.

The Casey Report refers to previous attempts to look at cohesion and integration, pegging much of its thesis around the earlier 2001 Cantle Report written in the aftermath of the Northern Riots of that year. (more…)

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Ireland and the Jews: Maurice White





Original Article: Jewish Quarterly

By Alexander Goldberg.

“Other people have a nationality. The Irish and the Jews have a psychosis”.

Maurice White’s novel ‘Keep Breathing Out’ is a welcome addition to the growing library of works attributed to Irish Jewish writers.

The book itself was published to coincide with last year’s Homecoming, an attempt by the Irish tourist board to encourage the 70 million Irish worldwide to come and visit the home country. Maurice is himself one of these exiles and it is through these eyes that the book tackles the difficult question of whether it is possible to be both Jewish and Irish. (more…)

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