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1st Candle: A photo with a universal message of religious freedom

A menorah defies the Nazi flag , 1931Chanukah is the Jewish festival of religious freedom. The  festival is largely noted for a battle for Jewish religious freedom, a fight against Greek / Hellenistic oppression and the ability to rededicate the Temple. Throughout Jewish history the Chanukiah, the eight-branched candelabra was a symbol of hope and deliverance. The light that emanates from it gave us hope that when others denied us our basic freedoms.

There is a famous photo from Chanukah 1931 taken in the house of Rabbi Posner and his wife Rachel. Taken opposite the Nazi headquarters, Rachel snapped a photo (more…)

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Galliano: How he tried and ultimately failed to upset the neighbourhood

La Perle is a small café around the corner from my apartment in Paris. In the last week it has become synonymous with the downfall of John Galliano. (more…)

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