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1st Candle: A photo with a universal message of religious freedom

A menorah defies the Nazi flag , 1931Chanukah is the Jewish festival of religious freedom. The  festival is largely noted for a battle for Jewish religious freedom, a fight against Greek / Hellenistic oppression and the ability to rededicate the Temple. Throughout Jewish history the Chanukiah, the eight-branched candelabra was a symbol of hope and deliverance. The light that emanates from it gave us hope that when others denied us our basic freedoms.

There is a famous photo from Chanukah 1931 taken in the house of Rabbi Posner and his wife Rachel. Taken opposite the Nazi headquarters, Rachel snapped a photo (more…)

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What should a Jew do about Christmas?

Celebrating Christmas is not possible but being a good neighbour is something we should never stop doing.

If most Jews were asked about their relationship status with Christmas on Facebook I guess they would opt for the ‘it’s complicated’ or perhaps even the ‘separated’ status. Having said that it gives me no satisfaction to see others denigrate another person’s religious festival or stop my neighbours from practising their beliefs. At Christmas time, we are still commanded to be good neighbours and that’s what I am going to do.


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